EASY TO USE – These color-coded indicator tags are bright and easy to flip and use in any setting. These signals can send a non-verbal cue to instantly notify personnel of the status of a dispenser, and if it needs to be cleaned or refilled.

ADHESIVE INCLUDED – These indicator tabs are quick and easy to install, with the adhesive included. They are made of high-quality scratch resistant plastic, making them durable and easy to sanitize. These flags are proudly made in the USA.

SIGNAL FLAGS – These flags can be used to signal if a hand sanitizer dispenser is full or empty. A color-coded system with multiple signals is a great option if you have multiple dispensers for other supplies to track in the building.

COLOR OPTIONS – This set of marker tabs comes in a variety of bright, standards colors. They are available in Red, Green, Blue or Yellow. Pick a color that best fits your office, clinic, or school building system!

SHORT FLAGS – These short dispenser signals by Kull Industries measure 1.5″ in length and height, so they easily fit atop objects in small spaces or with narrow openings.

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